After finalising the brief and scope of the project, we will present a budget to you for approval. This mainly consists of the number of filming and editing days required and a few extras, depending on the required deliverables. Sketch charges a 10% production fee on the total budget not including expenses.

The filming costs vary significantly on the number of crew required and the type of camera/sound equipment required.

Once you have approved the budget we request a 50% deposit so we can start immediately on the project. Once you have signed off on the final films, the remaining 50% is due.  You retain full copyright on the films produced, Sketch only asks that the films produced can be broadcast on the Sketch website, only once you have released the film.

Sketch can also advise on costs for acquiring soundtracks from a music library such as Audionetwork or Premiumbeat. We can also supply you with marketing stills for the film.

Sketch is obliged to charge VAT on all costs and fees incurred.

SCHEDULE & Production

Once we have finalised all the requirements, we schedule filming and editing days. We are able to supply release forms for contributors  if required. We advise on suitable locations for filming interviews, taking into account any sound issues and advising on lighting requirements.


During the editing process, we will work closely with you to ensure that you are completely happy with the end result. We advise you on selecting any music tracks, motion graphics and titling. We will of course follow any brand guidelines that you may have. The editing process is incremental - we keep taking onboard your input and tweaking the film until you are ready for sign off. Once complete, we deliver the film to you ready for distribution online or for broadcast at a screening room.

Our requirements

When the film has been published, we request that the film can be shown on the Sketch website. We also request permission to potentially show clips of the film in our company reel.