Consider a character suffering from anxiety. What image can you create to represent that emotion? No dialogue.
— Abbas Kiarostami
There is an optimal number of words to tell a story. It is almost always the smallest number.
— Abbs Kiarostami
This small film, this experiment will pave the way for more expansive and expressive ideas. Got outside and get a shot you like - a single image - and build a film around it. Film anything at all. You can decide what it means afterwards. Just get to work. Subject what you create to consciousness and understanding only afterwards.”
— Abbas Kiarostami
Too many films have a constantly shifting viewpoint. When filming a scene, fixed camera angles - and only a limited number of them - are preferable. For the past few days, I have been sitting here on this chair, in this corner of the room, which is the equivalent of a single camera, a single angle, a single point of view. We see and hear each other. There is no need for us to move.
— Abbas Kiarostami

In 2005, I attended a film workshop with Abbas Kiarostami in Potenza, Basilicata. A group of young directors and writers came together for a week. Kiarostami was not easy, quite confrontational and often silent, but provocative and inspiring - especially when revealing how he shoots in cars - feeding lines to non-professional actors to match up with what he had shot with the actor the day before.