A Short Documentary Funding Opportunity

Short DOC: A Working DAY

The School of Life is commissioning a series of observational films about working life all over the world. We are looking for 3 minute films showing the working day of individuals in a wide range of professions.

We are initially focusing on the following countries and regions:

West Africa, Egypt, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Mongolia, Micronesia and small Caribbean islands - but will also consider submissions from other countries.

We have already made films in: Ghana, Liberia, Mali, Mongolia, Korea and the UK.

We are NOT looking to make more than one film per country (apart from the UK).

You can send in as many ideas as you like with a brief paragraph on the person/work you would like to make a film about.

Please include filming in the person's house and showing the full working day from beginning to end.

We are looking for film-makers who can capture people in a range of jobs: we will give you more details when you contact us.

From dawn until dusk, the film will document the working day of working men and women. The films have to shake us from complacency and provincialism.

Please send in a brief pitch about the type of film that you would like to make. Please include (ideally) still images of the contributor, a brief bio of the contributor, what and where their work is. Include a brief outline of what a working day might consist of. Maximum one page including stills and text.

Budget available is approx. £1,500 and we expect most filmmakers will already be based in the country where they will make a film.

Please read the guidelines for further information.

A Day In the Life is a series that tries to bring out the endurance, patience, stoicism, interest, bravery and creativity that people bring to their lives every single day. By taking you into stories from around the world, and occupations that are totally diverse, we hope to foster a sense of common feeling and shared humanity.
— Alain de Botton, Founder of The School of Life