Client: Prosperity Index 2018, published by The Legatum Institute.

Producer/Director: Jeremy Riggall

Producer in Paraguay: Mayra Fernandez

About the film
This is a film about Liz, a young girl from a deprived neighbourhood on the outskirts of Asuncion. She lived in a slum with her grandmother and brother, after her mother and father abandoned her. When she was six, she was told that she had a terminal heart condition needing a heart transplant to keep her alive. No state hospital had ever performed a heart transplant. Liz was the first girl to receive a heart transplant. She is now 13 years old, studying well at school and her future has completely changed.

liz in hospital.png

Liz Story

Her mother and father abandoned her when she was six months old. Her grandmother single handedly brought her up with her brother despite having no money and having to work selling herbs every day. Liz was a withdrawn child and suffered from health problems. When she was six years old, we discovered that she needed a heart transplant.