A young girl near Kassala, Eastern Sudan  Filming for the international NGO Muslim Aid

A young girl near Kassala, Eastern Sudan
Filming for the international NGO Muslim Aid

Our work for NGOs

We work with international NGOs to produce documentary style films all over the world. Our films tell the stories of human resilience when living in challenging conditions and striving to live a more fulfilled and prosperous life.

The NGOs we work for are helping the lives of millions of individuals in many different ways. In North Western Cameroon, a local organisation runs a programme to enable crop farmers and cattle herders to practise alliance farming rather than slipping into conflict and tit for tat retribution. In Dhaka, Bangladesh, young students living in a highly deprived neighbourhood are able to access computer coding lessons, fundamentally changing their professional outlook.

Last year,  we made a film about an amputee widow who lives life to the fullest despite losing many of her family in the frequent shell attacks during the final battle of the Sri Lankan civil war.

Our films provoke, educate and ask people to take part in contemporary global developmental issues. We work very closely with clients to ensure that the films have a strong impact and are widely shared.

The production process

Typically filming will take 2-6 days in country depending on the specific requirements and distances travelled. There will be some pre-production working closely with clients to identify the best stories to tell.

We are able to research and find stories that illustrate a key trend within a certain country, if clients don’t already have a selection of stories or case studies that they would like to focus on.

We will organise all elements of production; from obtaining film permits, finding local fixers and crew, organising transport and crewing up in the UK. We are used to working with translators in country and sometimes even working in local languages as well as the national language.

Post-production and the ‘edit’

After finishing filming, we start the editing process, often starting with a ‘paper edit’ where all the transcripts of interviews are transcribed and ‘selects’ are made.  We pick out highlights and create a coherent structure. We present clients with a first cut and take on any revisions. Normally a client will have two full reviews of the film - although we always work until the final film is signed off.

We then complete the final sound mix and ‘grade’ the film - ensuring that the images are beautiful and have a consistent look. At this point we add any branding requirements and deliver the film in multiple formats for different platforms. We are able to produce ‘social’ edits for multiple platforms. We keep all the rushes backed up on hard drives, if new edits are required in the future.

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