I’m a self-shooting director based in West London, but filming all over the world. I’ve primarily made films for international NGOs, short docs, corporate films and agencies. I work for clients directly via my production company - Sketch Films - or directly for other production companies/agencies as a self-shooting director. Recently I’ve filmed in northern Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. I shoot with the Canon C100, Canon 5d mk 3 and Arri Alexa. I edit with Adobe Premiere or FCP 7. I'm based at the Sketch office in the Ugli Campus, in White City, opposite the old BBC doughnut building. I'm available with or without camera + lights.

Clients include: Helping the Burmese Delta, The Cabinet Office, Muslim Aid, The British Council, Embrace the Middle East, Stephen Friedmann Gallery, The Children’s Society, RUSI, Penguin UK, OMD, Secret Cinema, Exposure PR, Water Aid, Cruelty Free International, RIBA, The London Library, Chatham House, Dr Graham’s Homes, Memrise, Hearing Dogs, AMREF Africa, Village Aid, Shackadelic

Mobile: 0778 213 2146       Email: jeremy@sketchfilms.co.uk