A selection of Films for international NGOs

Below are some reference films and reels for you to look at. Some are about WASH projects, some are about community conflict or healthcare. These films demonstrate our ability to make moving, effective and educational films about developmental issues. Obviously we would not be making exactly the same film for Frank Water - each film is carefully crafted based on the objectives and target audience for the NGO.

Sketch Reel
A short reel of some of Sketch's recent film work across the world.

Below is a film about a WASH Project in Northern Sri Lanka for the NGO Muslim Aid. This film was shot in a very short time frame (a few hours) but we were fortunate that the family were so open to talk about how their lives had changed. It would have been great to have more time - but overall we do get a sense of the problem and the dangers they faced living on these very arid plains of Northern Sri Lanka.

'In search of Common Ground' is a film about conflict between communities in northern Cameroon. Pressure on access to natural resources has led to violence between cattle herders and crop farmers. Village Aid funded a local ngo partner MBOSCUDA to help resolve these conflicts and bring people together to better manage the land and resources. 

Below is a film we produced for Muslim Aid in Northern Sudan. It's about a mobile hospital service for tribal communities outside Kassala. The tribal people live in desert dry like conditions and have no means to access healthcare and medical supplies. This film was filmed in a short time frame - we would have liked to see more of where the community were living but we were not given the time. 

Below is a film produced for the British Council about their social enterprise programme. The beginning of the film conveys well the problem facing farmers in such and dry and arid conditions. The solution of the Moringa Connect social enterprise is to help create a market for the moringa crop, consequently diversifying the revenue streams for the farmers.