We produce films all over the world

NGO films

  • We produce films to assist with key fundraising campaigns 
  • Evaluation films which communicate to stakeholders and funders the impact of a programme
  • Produce observational documentary style films for international NGOs 
  • We work with small crews in remote and challenging environments in the developing world


  • Brands wishing to tell their story - how they started out, what their aims are and their key milestones
  • Brands wishing to tell their customers more about the production process, how they source raw materials, how they manufacture and deliver the brand experience
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). How a company is changing the way it operates in order to be come more sustainable
  • Environmental focus. The changes a company makes in order to respond to climate change
  • Campaign films: A brand may commission a film around a particular issue e.g. climate change, social enterprise, development


  • Sketch produces full length feature docs and recently completed work on The Life and Work of Bill Willis, soon to be released online